The head of the HR department of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) denied reports that the airline is in poor financial condition and may close down. He stated that the closure will only happen if they are dead. This came after a senior PIA director reportedly said that the airline’s operations may be suspended if emergency funds are not provided. The chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation ordered an investigation into the official’s statement and requested a report. He also emphasized that only the spokesperson or PR department should speak to the media. The HR chief provided the committee with information about the airline’s employees and their qualifications. The committee members discussed the preference for hiring Pakistanis for overseas positions and received a report on the performance evaluation of UK-based employees. The HR chief mentioned that two employees in Saudi Arabia were recently dismissed due to fake degrees. The committee was also informed about an advisory from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, which advised avoiding flights over Karachi and Lahore due to security concerns. The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority clarified that there were no missiles or rockets that could reach aircraft at the usual flying heights. The committee also received an update on the progress of an investigation into PIA employees with fake degrees.

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