The European Union (EU) is conducting an investigation into China’s electric car industry, which could lead to higher tariffs on Chinese imports. The probe aims to give European carmakers more time to adapt to the growing market for electric vehicles. However, EU officials have warned that the investigation could provoke retaliatory measures from Beijing. The EU is trying to strike a balance in its relationship with China, treating it as an economic rival while also maintaining it as a trade partner and supplier of green technology. The investigation will be “fact-based” and consultations will be held with Chinese authorities and industry. China’s commerce ministry has criticized the probe, calling it a “naked protectionist act.” The issue will be discussed by EU finance ministers in Santiago de Compostela, along with other fiscal reforms and the future leadership of the European Investment Bank. The investigation has been supported by ministers from France and Germany, who believe it is necessary to protect the interests of the European economy. German carmakers have faced increasing competition from Chinese electric models in China’s car market.

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