Cybercrime is increasing in Africa, causing victims to suffer both financially and emotionally. A survey conducted by KnowB4 found that almost 40% of the respondents fell victim to online scams, with 33% encountering an online scam. Many victims are distracted or multitasking when they fall for scams. Nigeria and South Africa have the highest number of targeted victims. Cybercriminals use platforms such as social media and email to carry out scams. The types of scams include financial scams, investment scams, crypto scams, impersonating a brand, information theft, and fake jobs. The survey also revealed that 53% of victims believed the scam was legitimate due to the appearance of the website. Recovering from a scam can take months or even years, and the emotional impact is often more significant than the financial loss. Victims experienced emotions like naivety, embarrassment, anger, and decreased trust. To protect themselves, 75% of respondents became more cautious and aware of online scams, and 71% warned others about their experiences. Security awareness training is crucial, with 23% of respondents receiving regular training, while 25% received no training at all. Employee training is vital to raise awareness and protect individuals and organizations from online scams.

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