The UK government is increasingly concerned about the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Influenced by the “Effective Altruism” (EA) movement, which believes that super-intelligent AI could pose an existential threat to humanity, the government has set up an AI safety taskforce and announced an international AI Safety Summit. EA donors, who have ties to Silicon Valley, are funding organizations and researchers involved in AI safety. The taskforce aims to address biosecurity risks, cyber-attacks, and build safe AI models. However, some researchers argue that the focus on existential risks detracts from current ethical issues such as bias, data privacy, and copyright problems. They believe that regulation of AI should be a priority. Critics also question the objectivity of the EA movement due to its links to Silicon Valley and its lack of evidence-based thinking. Despite the controversy, the movement is advocating for more funding for AI safety research and careers focused on shaping the future governance of AI.

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