This content is a reflection on Mani Shankar Aiyar, an Indian politician and former diplomat, written by a friend and colleague from across the border. The author received a copy of Aiyar’s book, Memoirs of a Maverick, with a personal inscription. They both attended a Class Reunion at Cambridge University in 2011 to speak about the peace process between Pakistan and India. The author describes Aiyar as having a strong voice that reflects his clear thoughts and strong conscience. They believe Aiyar would have made a great foreign minister for India due to his insight and understanding of international relations. The author clarifies a misunderstanding about meeting a Hindu, stating that they had interacted with Hindus before but never someone their own age. Aiyar has had a controversial life and the author is struck by efforts in India to delegitimize the legacy of former leader Jawaharlal Nehru. They praise Aiyar for his courage as a politician and mention their efforts to improve relations between Pakistan and India through oil and gas connectivity projects. The author also discusses their own imprisonment and opposition to certain government policies. They mention Aiyar’s understanding of the role of the Pakistan Army and clarify that decisions involving the military require input from both civilian and military elements.

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