North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited an aircraft factory in Russia during his recent trip, raising concerns about illicit weapons transfers between the two countries. It is speculated that Kim may supply ammunition to Russia for its war efforts in Ukraine in exchange for advanced weapons or technology. During his visit, Kim toured the factory and peered into the cockpit of Russia’s most advanced fighter jet, the Su-57. He also visited a facility producing passenger planes. The Russian government emphasized the potential for cooperation in the aircraft-making industry. The US and South Korea condemned the recent moves by Russia and North Korea, noting that any arms export from North Korea to Russia would violate UN Security Council resolutions. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia would not violate any agreements concerning North Korea and emphasized the need for good neighborly relations. The Kremlin spokesperson confirmed that no agreements had been signed during Kim’s visit on military or any other issues. Ukraine’s forces have recently recaptured a village in the country’s east in their ongoing counteroffensive against Russian troops. The village’s liberation is seen as a gain for Ukraine in its efforts to remove Russian forces from occupied territory.

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