Apple has agreed to update the iPhone 12 in France after the country’s regulators ordered a halt to sales due to excessive electromagnetic radiation levels. Apple claims that the phone is safe and has been certified in other countries. They believe the issue raised by the French government is related to a specific testing protocol. The French agency responsible for wireless communications frequencies stated that the iPhone 12 failed one of two tests for electromagnetic waves that can be absorbed by the body. If Apple had not complied with the updates, the ban could have expanded to all EU countries after three months. France’s digital affairs minister noted that the radiation levels of the iPhone 12 are still lower than what is considered harmful, and the tests conducted do not reflect typical phone use. Cellphones have been labeled as possible carcinogens by the World Health Organization, but the radiation they emit is different from more harmful types like X-rays. Experts recommend using earphones or texting to minimize radiation exposure.

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