Senior officials from South Korea’s Foreign and Defense Ministries, along with their US counterparts, have expressed concern about North Korea’s military cooperation with Russia. They argue that this cooperation violates United Nations Security Council resolutions and have urged Moscow to uphold its responsibilities as a permanent member of the UNSC. The officials emphasized the strength of the alliance between South Korea and the US, stating that it is stronger than ever. They also discussed policies related to the US nuclear umbrella, which is intended to defend Seoul from a potential strike by North Korea. The meeting marked the first time the group had convened in Seoul and it was agreed that they would meet again next year.

These discussions followed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s visit to a Russian factory producing fighter jets and civilian aircraft. He is also expected to visit Vladivostok to inspect Moscow’s Pacific fleet. Observers believe that these trips are part of an effort by Kim and Russian President Vladimir Putin to overcome their isolation on the international stage. It is believed that the recent summit between the two leaders focused on a potential arms deal, with Putin potentially receiving military equipment from Kim in exchange for technology.

The US has warned that any such exchange would prompt a response, and it has already imposed new sanctions on more than 150 Russian businesses and individuals. South Korea and the US have stated that they will utilize all available tools, including diplomatic, informational, military, and economic measures, to strengthen deterrence and reaffirm the US’s commitment to South Korea’s security.

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