Tech leaders participated in a closed-door forum with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). During the forum, leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, Jensen Huang, Sundar Pichai, and Elon Musk emphasized the need for regulations that balance innovation and safety. Zuckerberg stated that policymakers, industry, academics, and civil society should work together to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of AI. Musk called for the establishment of a federal AI oversight agency to ensure companies do not release AI products without proper checks. Other tech leaders, including Altman, also expressed their support for regulating AI. Schumer highlighted the importance of understanding the technology before rushing into rulemaking. However, there were concerns about the closed nature of the forum, with some critics arguing for more transparency and public hearings. Regulatory capture, where big tech companies shape laws to their advantage, was also raised as a concern. Additionally, lawmakers sent a letter to AI companies, demanding information about the working conditions of human workers involved in training and moderating AI models. This forum followed a recent hearing by the Senate on AI legislation, demonstrating the increasing focus on AI regulation at a governmental level.

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