School districts across the country are facing an increasing threat from cyberattacks. These attacks result in confidential student information being leaked online or disrupting remote learning programs. Cybercrime gangs see school systems as easy targets because of their lack of cybersecurity infrastructure. While some districts are taking steps to improve their cybersecurity measures, experts believe there is still a long way to go. Lack of expertise and resources are major challenges in implementing effective cybersecurity practices in schools. In response to the rising threat, the federal government is stepping in to provide guidance and resources. The Department of Education plans to establish a council to coordinate policy and communication between the government and the education sector. Additionally, the Federal Communications Commission is proposing a pilot cybersecurity program that would provide funding to schools for hiring cybersecurity experts and improving network security. Education organizations are calling for increased funding and permanent cybersecurity infrastructure. In the meantime, school districts are encouraged to develop cybersecurity plans, provide staff training, and explore partnerships with local colleges and technical schools. It is crucial for schools to prioritize cybersecurity to protect sensitive data and be proactive in preventing attacks.

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