The caretaker government in Pakistan has made significant progress in its crackdown against power theft. The government has arrested nearly 500 people and recovered over Rs950 million. The Secretary Power Division, Rashid Langrial, announced on social media that they are on track to surpass the recovery of one billion rupees. However, Langrial mentioned that the complete anti-theft campaign is not yet fully implemented and expects a fully-evolved model by the end of the month.

According to the data shared by Langrial, the cumulative recovery has increased from Rs14 million on September 7 to Rs951 million by September 14. Furthermore, 490 individuals have been arrested since September 7 for power theft-related crimes.

Earlier this month, Caretaker Minister for Energy, Power and Petroleum, Muhammad Ali, stated that the government is developing the Electricity Theft Control Act to address transmission and distribution losses in the country. The minister highlighted that electricity theft and non-payment of bills result in annual losses of around Rs589 billion. The proposed solutions include technology interventions such as transformers and smart metering in areas with low theft rates. Additionally, the private sector may be involved in managing areas with moderate losses, while strict enforcement measures will be taken in areas with high losses.

This concerted effort aims to reduce power theft and losses, ultimately improving the reliability and affordability of electricity for the people of Pakistan.

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