“Girl math” is a TikTok trend where people explain their personal rationales for spending money that may not make traditional financial sense. It involves mentally counting and rationalizing expenses. Investment advisors and personal finance experts say it can encourage financial transparency and open up discussions about money as long as it is treated as just for fun. The trend often involves finding discounts or justifying purchases based on previous spending. Some examples include considering a discount as earned money or not counting money that was already spent. The trend is not meant to be taken too seriously and is a way for people to decide if purchases are worth it. It helps make talking about money and purchases easier despite the stigma around discussing finances in public. Traditional advisors caution against taking monetary advice from social media platforms and urge caution when basing budgets on what online creators do. Some people argue that the term “girl math” is sexist, but others see it as a way for women to have conversations about money that they might not have otherwise. Ultimately, the basic financial principles of knowing incoming and outgoing money still apply.

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