A special court has confirmed the bail granted to former federal minister and PTI leader Asad Umar in the cipher case. The cipher case relates to a diplomatic cable that reportedly went missing from former prime minister Imran Khan’s possession. The PTI alleges that the cable contained a threat from the United States to remove Imran from power. Imran and former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi have been attending hearings in the case, while Umar and former principal secretary Azam Khan’s involvement will be determined during the investigation. Umar’s bail was confirmed based on the prosecutor’s statement that there is no need for him as there is no evidence against him. Umar’s lawyer argued that the case was politically motivated and that there was no evidence against his client. Umar responded to reporters’ questions outside the court, stating that only the former prime minister can confirm the authenticity of the cipher document and that he is not about to become the PTI chief. The cipher case involves allegations of wrongful communication and illegal retention of a secret document against Imran, Qureshi, and their associates. The investigation will determine the involvement of other individuals, including Umar, during the course of the case.

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