A federal judge in Texas has rejected the Biden administration’s attempt to save the DACA program, which protects undocumented young adults from deportation. The judge maintained that former President Barack Obama exceeded his authority in creating the program in 2012. While the ruling is a blow to immigrants, current applicants will be able to keep and renew their protection, but no new applications will be allowed. The Biden administration had issued a rule to bolster DACA’s legal standing, but this did not change the judge’s opinion. The government is expected to appeal the decision, and the case may ultimately end up in the Supreme Court. The program, which has been in effect for 11 years, has benefited over 800,000 young people and currently has about 600,000 enrollees. DACA recipients were generally brought to the US as children and lack lawful status. The program protects them from deportation and allows them to work. The uncertainty over DACA continues, and advocates are calling for a permanent legislative solution.

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