Ustad Noor Bakhsh and his bandmate Doshambay, along with their manager Daniyal Ahmed, embarked on their first European tour, performing in 25 cities across 10 countries. Ustad is an expert in playing the benju, a unique instrument in Balochi music. Their journey from Pakistan to Europe was filled with challenges, but they managed to secure visas and make it to their performances. The tour was organized by Christoph Linder from the booking agency Planet Rock. Ustad and Doshambay’s music received a warm reception in Europe, where there is more respect for music compared to their hometown. They played at various venues, including the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. The experience brought the Pakistani community in Europe closer together, with people dancing and celebrating their shared culture. Despite not being invited to play in Islamabad or Lahore, Ustad and his band found success and appreciation in Europe. The tour was a dream come true for Ustad and Daniyal, who had been searching for him for several years. Their journey was filled with challenges and bureaucratic hurdles, but their passion for music and determination to share their unique sound prevailed.

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