Users of the Revolut money app in Ireland are experiencing issues using their debit cards to make payments in shops. The app itself seems to be working, but customers are unable to complete transactions at point-of-sale terminals. Revolut has over two million users in Ireland, with many using it as their main bank account. Numerous users have taken to Twitter to report the problem, questioning if others are experiencing the same issue. This comes at a time when major banks in Ireland have faced their own technical blunders in recent months. Bank of Ireland, for example, allowed customers to transfer money and withdraw cash even if they had insufficient funds during a technical outage. Revolut, which has been expanding rapidly, introduced Irish bank identification numbers to its customers earlier this year, making it likely that more people in the country will rely on the app for daily banking needs. As of now, Revolut has not responded to requests for comment on the debit card issues.

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