The Great Resignation trend, where many workers were quitting their jobs to search for better opportunities, may be coming to an end. Statistics Canada reports that fewer people are switching jobs, indicating that job seekers may have more difficulty finding new work. Job ads on hiring site Indeed Canada have also been declining, and hiring is down as well. The number of job vacancies has decreased, making it harder for workers to make a career change. Despite these challenges, research from recruiter Robert Half Inc. shows that many Canadians are looking for new jobs, especially younger individuals, those in marketing or creative professions, parents, and those who have been with their current employer for the past two to four years. Many of these job seekers are motivated by the desire for higher pay. While wages have increased in August, there are signs that employers may not be offering significant wage hikes in the future. This shift in the labor market may mean that employers are regaining the upper hand, and job seekers may need to stay in their current positions for now. The number of people working from home full-time has decreased, suggesting a move away from remote work opportunities. Overall, job seekers may face more challenges in finding new employment opportunities.

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