California Governor Gavin Newsom is planning a trip to China to strengthen climate ties. He has been following in the footsteps of former governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown in building relationships with China on climate issues. However, this trip comes at a time of increased tensions between China and the United States on various issues, including trade, Taiwan, Russia, and human rights. President Biden recently imposed a ban on certain US tech investments in China, and House Republicans are investigating Ford’s use of Chinese battery technology at a new Michigan factory. Newsom’s trip follows a recent visit by a delegation of California climate officials to China, where they met with officials from different provinces to collaborate on reducing air pollution, transitioning to electric vehicles, and promoting clean energy initiatives. In recent months, Newsom has also been working on new collaborations, including signing an agreement with the province of Hainan to phase out fossil fuel vehicles and improve energy efficiency. This builds on a previous partnership with China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Newsom emphasized that he coordinated with the Biden administration on the trip.

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