There is a shortage of IT skills in government departments in South Africa. Only 0.4% of public servants work in information technology. Zaid Aboobaker, the chief director of e-government at the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA), stated that around 16 government departments have less than three IT personnel on their staff. He emphasized the need to develop IT skills among the youth in the public sector.

Higher Education, Science and Innovation Minister Blade Nzimande has made digital skills a training priority. He believes that basic digital skills are essential not only for employability but also for everyday life in a globalized world. Nzimande has advised the National Skills Fund to focus on massifying the digital skills revolution and creating pathways for South Africans to develop IT skills.

The DPSA also conducts expenditure analysis on information and communication technology procurement by government bodies. It has found that the current procurement system can be slow and inefficient. Aboobaker mentioned an incident where it took two years for a government organization to procure anti-virus software, highlighting the need to reconsider the procurement process.

Overall, there is a need to address the shortage of IT skills in government departments, prioritize digital skills training, and improve the efficiency of IT procurement in order to enhance the functioning of public services.

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