Ford is expanding its F-150 truck lineup for the 2024 model year by adding more hybrid powertrain options to more trims. The new additions include the line’s first optional heads-up display and a built-in 5G modem. Previously, the hybrid option was only available on the Lariat trim, but now it will be available on the less expensive XLT trim as well as the high-end Platinum Plus. Ford’s OTA updates now have the capability to install updated software automatically, and a new voice feedback option allows customers to quickly provide feedback to Ford. The new F-150 also features a 12-inch infotainment display running on Ford’s latest Sync 4 software, which is now standard on all models. The Ford Stolen Vehicle Services add-on is a first for the automaker in North America, allowing owners to locate and recover stolen vehicles and receive alerts for unauthorized tampering. Ford is offering a 90-day trial of its BlueCruise hands-free driver assistant software and is also making its smaller gas-only EcoBoost engine standard on base offerings. However, the new XL model with the EcoBoost engine is priced higher than the 2023 base model. The F-150 hybrid offering does not include a plug-in option, so customers looking for a plug-in option can check out the F-150 Lightning.

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