A group of experts on election law and civil rights have made recommendations for improving the election process in the United States. They suggest creating laws to protect election officials, ensuring equal voting opportunities for eligible voters, and implementing policies at social media companies to combat false information about elections. The experts believe that these recommendations are necessary because the election process has become more problematic in recent years. The group includes leaders from organizations like the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, as well as election law professors and former government officials. The recommendations are divided into four categories: legal, media and social media, politics and norms, and technology. One important recommendation is that courts should quickly determine the eligibility of candidates, particularly former President Donald Trump, who some argue should be disqualified from running for office. The report emphasizes the need for clear rules and early resolution of election disputes to maintain public confidence in the process. It also calls for improvements in the vote counting process and adequate funding for elections. The group urges social media companies to address false information, especially regarding voting procedures. However, they also stress the importance of not restricting free speech during elections. Overall, the experts believe that implementing these recommendations will help ensure fair and peaceful elections in the future.

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