The Chinese Foreign Ministry has stated that the recent talks between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin are focused on their own relationship and do not affect the friendly relationship between China and North Korea. The spokesperson for the Ministry emphasized that China and North Korea are neighbors and continue to deepen their ties. The spokesperson also addressed North Korea’s missile launches, stating that stability on the Korean Peninsula requires dialogue. However, the US, along with South Korea and Japan, condemned the missile launches and expressed concerns about the military cooperation between Kim and Putin. The White House issued a warning, suggesting that the dialogue could result in an arms deal between North Korea and Russia, which could involve Pyongyang providing munitions to Moscow in exchange for technology to advance its nuclear weapons and satellites. The US and its allies are monitoring the situation closely and have warned that there will be consequences for any arms transfers. Russia has blamed the West for breaching obligations by supplying weapons to Ukraine. The US and South Korea are expected to discuss export curbs to prevent Russia from obtaining items for the war in Ukraine. Seoul and Washington are committed to blocking countries that commit rights abuses from acquiring weapons and technology.

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