PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari believes that Pakistan’s urgent issues and crises require engagement with all political parties to find a sustainable solution. He made these comments during a gathering in Muzaffargarh, subtly criticizing the PML-N. With elections approaching, Bilawal is actively engaging in public meetings and organizing party gatherings to prepare for the elections. He called for a political “equilibrium” that allows parties to operate within defined boundaries while guiding the country out of the crisis. Bilawal expressed concern about the polarization of Punjab’s political landscape, stating that political rivals are turning into enemies. He questioned a specific party’s announcement of an election date, claiming they have advance knowledge of the schedule while the chief election commissioner is unaware. Bilawal emphasized the need for a level-playing field. The PPP leader previously denounced the absence of a level-playing field in the current political landscape and objected to the inequality faced by political stakeholders. Bilawal mentioned that the PDM and PPP were previously allies during the coalition government but are now accountable for their individual political decisions. The party’s Central Executive Committee will convene to formulate an electoral strategy. Bilawal demanded a specific election timeline, indicating that the Constitution requires elections within 90 days of assembly dissolution. He also mentioned the May 9 riots, expressing confidence that those responsible for attacking national institutions would be exposed, as they are part of a “big conspiracy.” The truth will eventually come to light.

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