A MLA from Vancouver Island and his dog were attacked by a deer in their yard. The MLA returned home to find his dog being attacked by the deer and intervened to rescue his dog. He tried to release the deer multiple times but it kept coming back. Eventually, his neighbor helped by using her car to scare the deer away. Before the attack, the MLA had helped free the same deer from being stuck in a tree. A conservation officer explained that during this time of year, deer can be more aggressive, especially bucks who are going into the rutting season. The officer advised against attempting to rescue a deer and recommended calling the B.C. Conservation Officer Service instead. The article also mentions the change of seasons as a factor in animal behavior and offers tips for managing attractants like bird feeders and fallen fruit to minimize risk. The article advises keeping pets on a leash and giving animals space. The article also includes links to other news stories and concludes with a copyright statement.

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