Esports is a pathway in schools that offers students a chance to connect, develop skills, and prepare for life after school. It provides engagement and connection for students inside and outside of school. Through gaming, students gain durable skills like leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, and fortitude. Esports operations are primarily fueled by technology, and programs like Esposure4All train students in software and event management. Esports offers a wide range of career options beyond just being a professional gamer, including research, art design, and event planning. It provides opportunities for entrepreneurship as well. Esports is a community for students who may be overlooked by traditional sports, allowing them to gain recognition and a sense of belonging. It promotes project-based learning, where students take on different roles and learn how to succeed in their jobs. It also contributes to a variety of other programs and clubs on campus. Embracing esports in schools empowers educators to support students’ emotional growth and align their passions with their future goals. Esports teaches students real-world skills and helps shape them into self-assured leaders.

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