The question of whether President Arif Alvi will unilaterally announce an election date is causing speculation. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has not yet given any information on the matter since the president dissolved the National Assembly on August 9. Ideally, elections should be held within 90 days of this dissolution, but complications arose when the outgoing government approved the 2023 census. The ECP then announced a delimitation schedule, ruling out the possibility of elections this year. The president invited the chief election commissioner to discuss an election date, but the request was rejected. Recent amendments to the Election Act allow the ECP to announce election dates without the president’s involvement. Legal experts believe that the president’s power to announce election dates comes from the Constitution, which takes precedence over any claims made by the ECP. They argue that the Election Act amendments are subordinate to the Constitution. The primary duty of the ECP is to conduct elections in a fair and just manner, according to Barrister Rida Hosain. Some experts believe that the recent amendments have undermined the president’s role and have raised concerns about the flexibility and discretion of the ECP’s newly vested power. Overall, legal experts stress the importance of checks and balances within Pakistan’s political framework.

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