The article discusses the challenges faced by G20 leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during a meeting in New Delhi. They warned that “cascading crises” are posing major challenges to long-term growth and that uncertainty and risks are increasing. Meanwhile, Pierre Poilievre, the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, delivered a speech at his party’s convention in Quebec City, promising “common-sense” solutions to shrink government, lower taxes, and reduce crime. However, the article points out that there are no simple fixes to big problems. It highlights the complex landscape that governments, including Canada, are facing in the next few years, including supply constraints, policy trade-offs, and long-term structural forces. The article questions how Poilievre’s proposals, such as resolving the housing affordability crisis, would be effective in the face of these challenges. It also raises concerns about financing promises like increasing defense spending and navigating issues like industrial policy and supply-chain resiliency. The article concludes by acknowledging that there are no easy answers and highlighting the policy messiness that lies ahead for any government.

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