The additional money is needed to address the financial crisis in the education sector. Schools are facing increasing costs for energy, insurance, cleaning, waste disposal, teaching materials, and buses. The current grant for primary schools is €183 per pupil, which is lower than the €200 paid in 2008 before the banking crash. Schools are requesting an immediate increase to €275 per pupil, representing a 50% increase. They also need funding for cleaning and technology. The lack of funding has led to schools asking parents for voluntary contributions. School leaders are calling for urgent help from the government to fulfill its obligation to provide free primary education. Underfunding is particularly affecting disadvantaged communities and developing schools. Rising costs in running schools are a major concern, and funding needs to reflect the current cost of living. Special schools and those with special classes face additional financial burdens due to annual training costs. This training is provided by external companies and can cost thousands of euros. These schools also need to purchase protective equipment, which presents another financial challenge. With many schools relying on parent contributions, the disparity in education experiences between different socio-economic backgrounds is growing.

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