Apple is set to launch its new iPhone 15 lineup, which includes new charging ports, titanium cases, and cameras. However, there are concerns about the company’s market access in China and competition from Huawei. China has imposed restrictions on using iPhones, and Huawei has recently released a high-end phone with Chinese-made chips. Huawei is also trying to gain an edge over Apple with features like satellite calling. Apple is expected to focus on its new products, including a switch from Lightning charging cables to USB-C. This change is driven by European regulations and offers faster data speeds. Analysts predict that the new iPhones may also feature a “periscope” camera technology for better zoom capabilities and titanium cases. The question remains whether these features will be exclusive to the top-end device or if there will be smaller upgrades to cheaper models. Apple aims to increase its revenue by raising the average price per phone sold. The company has also been secretive about its plans for generative artificial intelligence, but there are hopes for advancements in Siri or other assistant technologies. Overall, Apple’s launch event will be closely watched for its new products and potential surprises.

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