Singapore-based crypto trading platform believes that expanding the storytelling platform and content for cryptocurrency is crucial for the growth of the digital asset industry. The company’s president and chief operating officer, Eric Anziani, stated that there are many use cases that can empower creators, developers, and builders to reach global audiences. As part of this effort, has been collaborating with intellectual property content and production companies to enhance its portfolio. They have already worked with a lot of local companies in the non-fungible token (NFT) space, web3, storytelling, and gaming. Anziani highlighted the talent and great intellectual property in South Korea, where acquired an existing licensed exchange called OK-Bit. Anziani praised the Korean authorities’ legislative efforts towards crypto, calling it a “well-balanced approach” that sets up a base framework and progressively enhances it. Despite the bearish global crypto market in the second quarter, Anziani sees it as an opportunity to focus on building products and services for consumers, as the industry operates in cycles. Overall, aims to help bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream and establish Korea as a hub for the web3 environment.

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