Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti of Pakistan said that although there has been an increase in terrorist attacks, it is not a cause for panic. He downplayed the surge in militancy, stating that it is not significant enough to worry about. Bugti mentioned that Afghan soil is being used to launch attacks against Pakistan. He expressed hope that the Afghan government would uphold the Doha agreement to prevent the use of its soil for violent activities. Although it is confirmed that the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) carried out the attack, it is not certain if Afghan nationals were involved as well. Bugti emphasized that regardless of who conducted the attack, they are considered terrorists. He assured that the country’s security forces will respond fittingly to such attacks in the future.

Bugti also announced a crackdown on smugglers, hoarders, and illegal immigrants. The government will provide a cash reward for citizens who provide information on these activities. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is leading the initiative to combat illegal immigration. Additionally, action is being taken against those who hoard and manipulate prices of items like wheat and sugar. Bugti reported that 59 individuals involved in hundi/hawala businesses have been detained by the FIA. The government will publicize their names through the media. He stressed a zero-tolerance policy against smuggling and hoarding and warned that culprits will face prosecution and imprisonment. Bugti also pledged stricter measures against ministry members involved in such actions. The caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaarul Haq Kakar, initiated a crackdown on cross-border smuggling across the country with positive results.

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