Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, is looking to establish a legacy on the world stage as he faces a general election next year. One area he is focused on is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Sunak wants to position the UK as the leading authority on the governance of AI. He sees this as a significant opportunity to shape the world’s response to this technology. Sunak used his attendance at the G20 leaders’ summit in India to generate interest in his upcoming AI safety summit, which will take place in the UK in November. However, he faces challenges in convincing countries to take the UK seriously as a hub for AI regulation discussions. Sunak also experienced some setbacks during his time in India, with key world leaders missing from the G20 summit and doubts raised about the need for UK mediation in AI discussions. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about the UK’s potential to lead in this field and emphasizes the importance of cooperation and responsible development of AI to manage risks and ensure inclusivity.

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