The Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan responded to the Afghan government’s statement about the closure of the Torkham border. The FO expects Kabul to respect Pakistan’s territorial integrity and prevent Afghan soil from being used for militant attacks against Pakistan. The Torkham border was closed on September 6 after a gun battle between Pakistani and Afghan border forces. The Pakistani side blamed the Afghan authorities for starting the firefight by building a checkpoint without discussing it with them. A meeting between Pakistani and Afghan officials to reopen the border remained inconclusive. The Afghan foreign ministry expressed concern over the closure of the Torkham gate, blaming Pakistan for initiating the firing. The FO spokesperson stated that Pakistan could not accept the construction of any structures by the Afghan government inside its territory. She also mentioned that Afghan forces had fired indiscriminately on Pakistani posts, endangering lives and emboldening terrorist elements. The FO spokesperson emphasized that Pakistan wished for peace and amity on the border and has always welcomed Afghans. Temporary closures only happen in extreme cases, such as attacks launched from Afghan soil. Pakistan is ready to resolve bilateral issues through dialogue and expects the Afghan interim authorities to respect its concerns and prevent terrorist attacks.

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