Janet Yellen has defended the G20’s position on Ukraine, stating that the joint statement made at the recent summit in New Delhi used “substantively very strong” language. The compromise document has faced criticism for watering down condemnations of Russia’s actions in Ukraine compared to previous G20 summits. However, Yellen stated that the US does not see the language as weakening the G20’s stance. Yellen also highlighted the G20’s accomplishments in increasing funding for developing economies. In other news, Nato is planning its largest joint command exercise since the cold war, PwC is giving up consulting work for its audit clients to avoid conflicts of interest, Rishi Sunak has expressed concerns about Chinese interference in the UK, Google is facing an antitrust case over alleged illegal contract practices, and the chief of Spanish football has resigned after kissing a player during World Cup celebrations. The Bank of England predicts that UK consumer price inflation will rise to 7.1% in August.

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