Cotton production in Sahiwal division has increased by 23% compared to last year. This year, 179,000 bales of cotton were produced, with 116,734 bales reaching ginning factories. Cotton was grown on 106,000 acres, and farmers received good prices for their crop, ranging from Rs8,500 to Rs9,000 per maunds. The increase in production was attributed to effective crop management, favorable environmental conditions, timely guidance from the agriculture department, proactive responses from growers, and fewer incidents of insect pests. However, recent flooding in River Satluj affected 1,000 acres in district Pakpattan, limiting the total production. Cotton growers in Pakpattan are requesting compensation from the Punjab government for the crop damage caused by the flooding. Additionally, there is a shortage of urea fertilizer in Sahiwal division, with growers needing 950,000 bags in the next 30 days. The Commissioner has directed the agriculture department to estimate urea usage for the next three months, which will help in formulating a supply plan. Pakistan’s cotton production has decreased in recent years, with a loss of Rs672.69 billion due to low yield last year.

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