The federal government has released new guidelines to ensure responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools by employees. Treasury Board President Anita Anand stated that the government will monitor AI usage to prevent any bias or discrimination. The guidelines offer preliminary advice and will be updated as necessary. While currently there are no penalties for not following the guidelines, violations could trigger penalties under existing legislation like the Privacy Act. The guidelines caution against risks such as cybersecurity threats, bias, privacy violations, and inaccurate information. Generative AI, which creates text, audio, code, videos, and images, should be used with caution, particularly in public communications on social media and decision-making processes. Transparency is recommended when using generative AI, and departments should document decisions and provide explanations when AI tools are used. Anand emphasized that the guidelines aim to ensure employees are aware of using AI responsibly and in compliance with laws and policies. The government is not implementing AI to replace jobs, but rather as a tool to support existing and future employees. Union leaders have urged for stricter regulations, consultation with unions and workers, and ongoing training to mitigate biased or discriminatory content generated by AI.

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