Bol Network has been acquired by AsiaPak Investments, a private equity firm. The network will continue to be based in Karachi and will have a presence throughout Pakistan. The new chairman and CEO of Bol Network is Sameer Chishty, an experienced technology investor. Chishty emphasized the potential of digital technologies and their impact on various sectors, including media, entertainment, and education. He expressed a commitment to empowering users and creating a platform for them to engage with their communities. Bol Network’s TV channel was originally planned to launch in 2015 but was delayed due to a fake degree scandal involving the parent company Axact. In 2015, the network was taken over by ARY Digital Network and eventually went on air in October 2016. The original owner of the network, Shoaib Shaikh, was convicted in 2018 in the fake degree case along with 22 others.

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