The Foreign Office (FO) responded to the Afghan government’s statement about the closure of the Torkham border. Pakistan expects Afghanistan to respect its borders and prevent militant attacks from being launched from Afghan soil. The border was closed on September 6 due to a gun battle between Pakistan and Afghan border forces. Pakistan blamed Afghanistan for starting the fight by building a checkpoint without discussing it with Pakistan. A meeting between Pakistani and Afghan officials to reopen the border remained inconclusive. Afghanistan expressed concern over the closure, claiming Pakistan initiated the firing while they were carrying out repair work on an old checkpost. The closure of the border could have negative effects on trade and cause financial losses for both countries. The FO spokesperson stated that Pakistan cannot accept unauthorized construction by Afghanistan, as it violates Pakistan’s sovereignty. Afghanistan fired indiscriminately and targeted Pakistani military posts, damaging infrastructure and risking lives. The spokesperson also mentioned that terrorist elements have sanctuaries in Afghanistan, as confirmed by the UN Security Council. Pakistan desires a peaceful border with Afghanistan and has always welcomed its Afghan neighbors. Temporary closures occur in extreme cases, such as when terrorist attacks are launched from Afghan soil. Pakistan is ready to resolve issues through dialogue and expects Afghanistan to respect its concerns and prevent terrorist attacks.

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