President Yoon Suk Yeol and US President Joe Biden met at the Group of 20 summit in India to discuss their close ties and the importance of their alliance. They praised the success of a recent trilateral summit with Japan and highlighted how their cooperation will benefit not only their countries but also other nations in the Indo-Pacific region and the global community. The leaders discussed issues related to North Korea and China and expressed their commitment to promoting freedom, peace, and prosperity globally.

The meeting between the two leaders was part of ongoing efforts to address global challenges together, such as security, trade, and technology. They are working to establish a standing coalition to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and urge China’s assistance in this effort. President Yoon has been actively advocating for a rules-based maritime order in the South China Sea and has expressed his support for Taiwan.

During the G-20 summit, President Yoon also discussed South Korea’s intention to take on bigger global roles. These include supporting rebuilding efforts in Ukraine, providing funding to underdeveloped nations, and creating a new framework for digital economies. He has pledged an additional $300 million towards the Green Climate Fund to help developing countries combat climate change.

President Yoon emphasized South Korea’s leadership in promoting green technologies and experiences, as well as its readiness to collaborate with other countries on nuclear energy and decarbonization initiatives. Overall, the meeting between the two leaders and South Korea’s global engagement efforts aim to address various global issues and contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable world.

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