Tech tycoon Bryan Johnson is on a mission to reverse the aging process and prove that he is the future of aging. Johnson follows a strict daily routine that includes intense physical workouts, a vegan-based diet, and numerous supplements. He also undergoes regular scans, ultrasounds, and blood tests to track his progress. Johnson’s goal is to create a scientifically sound protocol for healthy longevity and prove that age is just a number. Renowned biologist Dr. Leroy Hood agrees that data is critical to a longer and healthier life. Hood, who is almost 85 years old but has a biological age of 70, follows a daily exercise routine, practices intermittent fasting, and takes supplements based on his personalized genetic profile. Hood believes that a data-driven approach to wellness can delay the disease process and potentially prevent illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. Hood envisions a health system that keeps people healthy until they die naturally at an old age, based on research that proves it’s possible. However, there are concerns about false signals, privacy breaches, and discrimination with the use of big data in healthcare. Studies like the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging are working to gather more diverse data to address these concerns.

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