Rumours have been circulating on mainstream and social media that the interim government in Pakistan plans to crack down on bank lockers to collect foreign exchange. These reports claim that special scanners would be used to detect foreign currency in lockers. However, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have both denied these claims. They say that the government is focused on preventing the illegal outflow of dollars, not cracking down on bank lockers. The SBP spokesperson stated that the reports of lockers being scanned for dollars are completely false. The FIA director in Punjab also denied any planned action against lockers and collecting names of those who bought dollars from exchange companies in bulk. Instead, the FIA is taking action against foreign currency smuggling and enhancing surveillance at airports. These denials come as the government is working to restore confidence in Pakistan’s economy and strengthen the rupee. Reports of fake news have also emerged, including a fake notification of a ban on Rs5,000 currency notes, which the Information Minister dismissed as fake and warned that action would be taken against those spreading such fake news.

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