Samsung Group, South Korea’s top conglomerate, has announced that it will begin its official recruitment process on Monday for the latter half of the year. A total of 20 affiliates, including Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display, will be participating in this massive hiring drive. Interested applicants can submit their credentials through Samsung’s official recruitment website from September 11 to 18. The recruitment process will involve a job alignment assessment in September, an aptitude test in October, and final interviews in November.

Samsung has been a pioneer in introducing open recruitment in Korea since 1957, and they strive to ensure fairness in employment and nurture exceptional talent. The company has implemented initiatives to hire based on merit alone, avoiding biases against gender, education, nationality, or religion. They have also updated their hiring guidelines to accommodate international researchers.

In addition to recruitment, Samsung is committed to equipping the younger generation with the right skills and ensuring their professional growth. They operate training programs, such as the Samsung Software Academy For Youth, which is a tuition-free, year-long course in software development. Samsung Electronics Executive Chairman Lee Jae-yong has consistently championed equal hiring opportunities for young individuals, recognizing their importance in driving competitiveness in manufacturing and innovation.

Samsung previously announced plans to hire 40,000 people over three years in 2018, and after achieving this goal, they set another target of hiring 80,000 people over five years. As of June 2020, Samsung companies in Korea alone employed 124,070 individuals, a significant increase from 103,000 employees in 2018.

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