Installer No. 5 is a guide that reviews various products and trends. This week’s edition covers topics such as Disney CEOs, crypto scams, US Open tennis, VR home renovation shows, fantasy football, Rotten Tomatoes, car internet security, password management, and a popular game called Ridiculous Fishing EX.

In terms of new products, there is the Polaroid I-2 instant camera, which is quite expensive. There is also a book about Elon Musk’s work in AI and Tesla’s self-driving efforts. Another interesting product is Taste Bud, an AI recipe chatbot that suggests recipes based on the ingredients you have. The UE Epicboom and Sonos Move 2 are both recommended Bluetooth speakers. Spy Ops is a new spy thriller series on Netflix.

There is also a smart home controller called Lutron Caséta Pico Paddle Remote, which is affordable and versatile. The article also mentions an AI-generated song called “Whiplash,” although there are copyright issues surrounding it. The social-audio app Clubhouse has been redesigned and now focuses on voice messaging.

As for tips, YouTube has some features for watching football games such as live chat, polling, replays of games, and spoiler mode. The article also shares the homescreen of Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, a smart home reviewer. She uses an iPhone 14 and has many apps, but she manages the chaos by using the swipe-down search function.

Overall, Installer No. 5 covers a range of interesting topics and products for readers to explore.

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