Hiking has become a popular activity in South Korea, not just for middle-aged or retired people, but also for young generations. Young people are enjoying climbing mountains on weekends and are even creating new words to describe their love for the sport. Hiking is seen as a fun activity rather than a challenge of one’s limits. The influx of young hikers has also influenced fashion trends, with outdoor recreational clothing being worn as streetwear. After hiking, it has become a trend for young climbers to visit hip cafes near the mountains, which sell food aimed at the younger generation. Hiking is a low-cost and healthy hobby, as mountains are easily accessible in Korea, and it doesn’t require expensive equipment. Hiking is also efficient in terms of time because there is no need for extensive training. Joining hiking clubs is a great way for young people to make friends and sometimes even find romantic partners. The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to the popularity of hiking among young people, who have suffered greater economic damage. Overall, hiking has become a trendy and enjoyable activity for the younger generation in South Korea.

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