Morocco experienced its deadliest earthquake in decades, resulting in the deaths of at least 820 people and causing widespread damage. The 6.8-magnitude quake hit a mountainous area near Marrakesh, with tremors also felt in other cities. Residents and tourists were forced to seek safety during the night, with many in shock and panic. The earthquake caused power outages and disrupted internet connectivity in some areas. The US Geological Survey issued a red alert for economic losses, indicating significant damage. Morocco’s interior ministry has mobilized resources to help affected areas and called for blood donations for the injured. The earthquake was felt in neighboring Algeria, but no damage or casualties were reported. Condolences and offers of support have poured in from leaders worldwide, including Pakistan, Germany, India, Spain, Russia, France, Turkey, and the African Union Commission. The earthquake follows a history of destructive earthquakes in the region, with the 2004 Al Hoceima quake in Morocco and the 1980 El Asnam earthquake in Algeria being particularly devastating.

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