The Supreme Court (SC) in Pakistan was surprised to learn about an agreement made between the district commissioner of Sargodha and a private organization. The agreement involved monitoring areas where the Christian community resides to check for blasphemous content. The SC ordered the deputy commissioner to present a copy of the agreement to the court. This information came to light during the hearing of the Jaranwala incidents, where 20 churches and several Christian homes were attacked. The court also mentioned the establishment of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to investigate the incidents and requested a progress report from the Attorney General. The court further asked the Punjab government for a report on the damaged properties. The issue of hate speech on social media was also raised, and the court requested information on the number of FIRs filed against hate material targeting minorities. The court addressed the improper use of the term ‘easai’ for Christians and ordered the concerned officers to ensure the correct term ‘maseehi’ is used. Notices were issued to various authorities to provide reports on incidents affecting the Sikh community and the condition of gurdwaras and Hindu temples in the country. The case will be reviewed again in two weeks.

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