In a joint operation against drug production in Balochistan, 16 machines used to manufacture narcotics were destroyed, along with 18 drug compounds. Additionally, 10 acres of land dedicated to drug cultivation were eradicated. Four people were arrested during the operation. The goal of the operation was to eliminate drug production and factories in the Qila Abdullah district, following instructions from the Corps Commander Balochistan, Pakistan Army. The operation involved the participation of several law enforcement agencies, including FC Balochistan, Anti-Narcotics Force, and Levies. The authorities have recovered 2,000 kg of narcotics and destroyed 3,000 kg of chemical/crude ephedrine. The operation was planned during a meeting held on August 28, 2023, involving all stakeholders. A jirga, a traditional assembly of local elders, was also organized in Qila Abdullah on August 30 to support the anti-drug campaign. The elders demanded the abolition of drug factories and pledged their full support to the security agencies. These operations are intended to safeguard Balochistan, particularly educational institutions, from the harmful effects of drugs.

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