A Lahore anti-terrorism court has granted the police a five-day physical remand of PTI leaders Dr Yasmin Rashid and Omar Sarfaraz Cheema. This comes after fresh charges were added against all suspects involved in the violence on May 9, which occurred after the arrest of party chairman Imran Khan. The violence led to attacks on military installations and a crackdown against the PTI. Rashid’s case is related to incendiary speeches she allegedly delivered against state institutions and rioting. The police requested a 30-day physical remand for her. Cheema and fashion designer Khadeeja Shah were also granted a five-day physical remand in a case related to vandalism at Askari Tower. The police had added new offences to the FIRs, including mutiny, inciting people to riot, and attempting to wage a war against the state. The anti-terrorism court granted the physical remand based on these charges. The two suspects have been ordered to be presented before the court on September 14.

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