The Mobile 360 APAC conference, organized by GSMA, started in Seoul on Thursday with the theme of “leading a digital-first future.” This is the first time the annual event is being held in South Korea, with Singapore being the usual host for the Asia-Pacific conference.

Over 1,000 government and mobile industry leaders from more than 50 countries gathered to discuss the future of key technologies such as artificial intelligence, trust and security, and digital inclusion. They also explored the impact of digital technologies and services on the economies of the Asia-Pacific region.

GSMA APAC head Julian Gorman praised Seoul for its diverse markets and technological advancements, calling it a leading digital nation. GSMA Director General Mats Granyrd highlighted the innovative capabilities of South Korean companies Samsung and KT Corp.

KT Corp.’s new CEO, Kim Young-shub, spoke at the event and emphasized the role of telecommunications in the digital era. He pledged to transform KT into a digital innovation partner by focusing on key sectors such as cloud computing, AI contact centers, and future transportation.

Other keynote speakers at the conference included government officials and industry leaders from South Korea, Samsung Electronics, China Mobile, Globe Group, and Axiata Group.

The conference aims to explore the potential of digital technologies and promote collaboration between industry players to drive innovation and enhance people’s lives.

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