Redefine Properties is set to start a R65 million solar rooftop project at the Massmart distribution centre in Cape Town. The project will cover an area roughly the size of three rugby fields and is part of the City of Cape Town’s pilot wheeling project. Wheeling involves generating power at one site and transporting it across the grid to be used at another location. Redefine Properties will use the power generated for its own properties, including shopping centres and an office building. The installation is scheduled to begin in October 2023 and is expected to produce 8.8 gigawatt-hours of power annually. The project will cost a total of around R86 million, including upgrades to the city’s grid infrastructure. This project is part of Cape Town’s efforts to address load shedding and is one of several wheeling arrangements being implemented in the area. In addition to traditional wheeling, virtual wheeling is also being explored, where multiple buyers and power producers can enter into agreements. Vodacom has signed a virtual wheeling deal with Eskom and plans to meet 30% of its energy needs with renewable sources.

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